Glass mat media type high-efficiency ASHRAE box-style air filter.

  • Available in three efficiencies, MERV 11, MERV 13 and MERV 14 when tested in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2.
  • Incorporates micro fine glass fibers formed into a wet-laid continuous media sheet. Although any air filter should not be continuously operated in saturated conditions, glass mat media offers a higher degree of performance in saturated conditions than high-lofted media products.
  • Includes safe-edge aluminum media separators to assure a rigid and durable filter pack. The separators also assure uniform airflow throughout the media pack for full media utilization (longer filter life).
  • Includes a media pack sealed into the enclosing frame eliminating air bypass. The media is bonded to the enclosing frame on the sides, and sealed with high-efficiency media on the top and bottom. A rubber-based adhesive seal assures a durable and stable filter pack.
  • Includes an enclosing frame manufactured from a unique blend of galvanized steel with a pre-processed aluminized finish. This combination provides a 50% increase in corrosion resistance when compared to standard galvanized metals.
  • Available with a single header or a doubleheader dependent upon installation requirements. Each header includes a gasket strip to ensure a leak-free seal between the filters, or between the filters and the filter housing.