People, clothing, product restocking and adjacent businesses such as restaurants can all have an effect on air quality in retail facilities, or possibly only the perception of air quality, which can affect the spending attitude of potential customers. Uncomfortable customers can have a profound effect on profits if they keep their money in their pockets and employees attitudes and resultant customer service may also be a profit-limiting factor. Air filters can eliminate contaminants in retail facilities that affect health and customer actions. Some of the common retail locations that benefit from improved air quality include:

  • Big box stores that offer huge selections of products even often including groceries. The largest component of pollution in these venues is typically what goes on behind the scenes, product restocking and volume transport of materials. These facilities also work hard to ensure their facilities are aesthetically pleasing by heavy level cleaning typically done during off-hours. Trillions of fine particles are introduced during these activities predominantly removed by the air filters in the HVAC systems.
  • Malls of multiple stores, either with a common area of combined entrances or in a strip mall design common in every urban area. Although these malls have much in common with the problems noted for big box stores they often have the added pollution from adjacent restaurants, workout gyms and specialty shops such as dry cleaners. In these applications typically MERV 13 air filters are used in the air conditioning systems to protect employees and inventory and carbon air filters are used to address possible odor problems.
  • Restaurants to protect employees, food & beverage items, employees and reduce the building degradation.
  • Workout facilities and gyms to control the contaminants produced by high human metabolic activity, both particulates and odors through the application of MERV 13 filters and carbon.
  • Movie theaters to protect the structure and limit exposure of building occupants to the maladies that can be transferred person-to-person in venues of high human capacity. What will you think about while watching your next movie when that person next to you sneezes?
  • Bowling centers or arcades, pet stores, auto dealerships, fast food outlets, sports equipment stores, on and on…