Improve IAQ with Higher Filter Efficiency

Our premium filters improve IAQ by providing higher filter efficiency throughout their service life in the air handling unit. This is in marked contrast with filter efficiency profiles that decline quickly, and continuously over time.

The mission of air filters is to improve IAQ and protect people and processes. Therefore, effective particle removal is essential. Every 5-star premium “green” filter uses fine fiber media whose higher filter efficiency comes from the quality, composition and orientation of the fibers.

This contrasts with competitive product that try to improve IAQ using coarse fiber media that relies on a high electrostatic charge. The charge provides high initial efficiency, but typically drops 2-3 MERV rating categories while in service, due to the physics of electrostatic decay. Camfil filters deliver higher, rated MERV efficiency from time of installation to time of replacement.

Numerous field tests have been completed using our CamField Lab and In-Situ Testing technology to demonstrate the superior ability of Camfil filters to improve IAQ and deliver higher filter efficiency over time.  For details, contact your Camfil representative.

Healthcare spending in the U.S. exceeds $2.7 trillion annually. If you could improve IAQ and reduce airborne viruses and bacteria, the savings in productivity, reduced absenteeism, and health insurance costs could be substantial.  The higher filter efficiency of Camfil  premium filters makes this possible.  Get details now.