Camfil Molecular Filtration Professional Explain Air and Water Filtration with CamPure 8 U.S. Launch

Riverdale, NJ — Molecular, or gaseous, filtration of both air and water is essential for odor and corrosion control across many industries. Following the recent launch of their CamPure 8 media in the United States, Camfil’s molecular filtration team explains how this activated alumina-based media is applied to a variety of contexts.  

What is CamPure 8 used for? 

CamPure 8 is a high-quality chemical adsorbent based on activated alumina co-formed with a proprietary impregnation system to target oxidizable acidic gasses. With the ability to be installed in any manufacturer’s loose-fill filters, Campure 8 is highly versatile. Because it oxidizes gasses that are responsible for the corrosion of electronic control equipment, the CamPure 8 can be applied to a variety of crucial industries, such as:

  • oil and gas 
  • pulp and paper
  • mining and metal refining 
  • wastewater treatment

Gasses targeted by the CamPure 8 media include:

  • hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide
  • formaldehyde, a hazardous volatile organic chemical (VOC)  in many indoor air applications 
  • ethylene, the gaseous agent responsible for promoting the ripening process in fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

How does CamPure 8 work?

Potassium permanganate is an oxidizing agent that can remove odors and gasses from the air and is the primary chemical used in the production of Camfil’s CamPure 8 molecular filtration media.

The spherical shape of each CamPure 8 bead is created by co-forming the potassium permanganate and other chemical binders with an activated alumina powder which ensures uniform distribution of the chemical during production. This complete chemical impregnation enables CamPure 8 to achieve high removal efficiency and long life against oxidizable gaseous contaminants.

CamPure 8 media is tested in accordance with ISO 10121-1 to closely reflect the operating conditions where the media would be deployed to provide accurate performance expectations against hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2 ), dimethyl sulfide (DMS), nitrogen dioxide (NO2 ), formaldehyde (CH2O) and ethylene (C2H4). The UL certification on CamPure 8 provides a safe filtration option for refineries, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, and other facilities that are sensitive to combustion materials. 

Camfil’s global production of CamPure 8 molecular filtration media ensures the ability to continue supplying a premium option for the removal of corrosive gasses and odors as well as the preservation of flowers, fruits, and vegetables regardless of supply chain issues faced in any local markets.

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