Mobile Media Tester

MMTresultsThe Mobile Media Tester takes particle count and efficiency measurements in order to analyze and compare fine fiber vs. coarse charged fiber bag filter products.

Coarse fiber (synthetic) media is cheaper than fine fiber (microfiber glass) media. In some cases the cost differential may be as high as 20%, sometimes passed on in more competitive pricing to the user.

But should cost be ‘the factor’ when the #1 priority of most users is indoor air quality? Shouldn’t the prime consideration be the life cycle cost of the product, with an emphasis on achieving the best
possible air quality at reasonable cost?

The chart below shows the results of media evaluation using a Mobile Media Tester.

mobile-media-testerIncluded in this analysis is a discharging step that simulates loading of media during normal HVAC
service. This discharging step is already in place in European filter testing standards and was recently
adapted as an option to current ASHRAE filter testing Standards.

Note that the fine fiber media products (shades of green) have an efficiency of around 70% in three different
product configurations. Note the coarse fiber medias charged (initial) efficiency (shades of orange) and the
same media in a discharged state (shades of blue).

The end user is expecting 70% removal efficiency in this critical respirable particle range, with historical
performance increasing over the life of the filter. How many end users would purchase this product
knowing that performance will actually decrease over the life of the product?