In-Situ Filter Testing

In-Situ-testingHow can filter users differentiate manufacturers’ claims and make intelligent decisions as to what products best meet their needs?

In the past, test reports were one answer. But today’s test lab methodologies may not offer a true barometer of a filter’s performance over time. The reason: these filters are not tested under the real world conditions of your AHUs.

Camfil has addressed these concerns with in-situ filter testing using industry-defined procedures.

The final report includes a particle size versus efficiency analysis, which details the filters’ ability to capture large particles, submicron sized respirable particles that may affect health or processes – and everything in-between.

Pressure drop data, relative to a filter’s actual life within a system, and its overall effect on system airflow and use of energy is also detailed.

There are many testing tools. But there is no match for the detail and scientific objectivity of in-situ filter testing.

Efficiency and pressure drop in a customer’s air handling units is determined using particle counters, airflow and pressure drop measuring devices, and proprietary data recording and reporting software.