Lower Carbon Footprint

Can a company achieve a lower carbon footprint without high capital costs, or sacrificing workplace comfort? Camfil has shown the answer is “yes.” Companies can achieve a dramatically lower carbon footprint by taking simple steps that not only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels, but produce significant savings of natural resources, too. You might say our lower carbon footprint saves green as well as green-backs!

Everything we do leaves our mark on the environment. Our goal is to lighten your impact, by bringing to market products such as our 30/30, Hi-Flo and Durafil ES filters, which immediately lower the amount of energy consumed by the HVAC system while they are in service. And because these 5-star premium filters stay in  service longer the total number of filters purchased per year – every year – is less. That’s a strategy for lower carbon footprint that pays bottom-line dividends immediately – and continuously.

Using fewer filters is one tangible and critical advantage of Camfil’s “green filter” technology. Using fewer filters means fewer trucks moving product from manufacturing plant to user location. And because there’s a reduction in cartons, fewer trees are cut, and additional fossil fuel
and water conservation are achieved through reductions in the manufacturing of cardboard.

A lower carbon footprint is what every environmentally conscious company aspires to now. There are many ways to achieve it. Ours is one of the easiest, and fastest. And it has cost control advantages no other strategy can equal.

To learn more about achieving a lower carbon footprint, talk with your Camfil representative.

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