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Lower Carbon Footprint

Can a company achieve a lower carbon footprint without high capital costs, or sacrificing workplace comfort? Camfil has shown the answer is “yes.” Companies can achieve a dramatically lower carbon footprint by taking simple steps that not only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels, but produce significant savings of natural resources, […]

Longer Filter Life Helps Reduce Filter Waste

According to EPA, Americans generate more than 251 million tons of municipal solid waste annually – the equivalent of  4.6 pounds of waste per person, per day based on 2006 population estimates.  Of the various MSW strategies available, source reduction clearly has the greatest long-term potential for lowering America’s waste burden. Source reduction involves altering […]

Improve IAQ with Higher Filter Efficiency

Our premium filters improve IAQ by providing higher filter efficiency throughout their service life in the air handling unit. This is in marked contrast with filter efficiency profiles that decline quickly, and continuously over time. The mission of air filters is to improve IAQ and protect people and processes. Therefore, effective particle removal is essential. Every […]

Reduce HVAC Costs

The Total Cost of Ownership for using air filters in your HVAC systems involves several elements, including the filters, installation and removal cost, disposal, and energy. Of these costs, energy is 60-80% of the total. Buying filters on a unit price basis can save a few dollars up-front, while not doing anything to reduce HVAC […]