Air Filtration FAQs

Guidance and technical expertise to assist in air filter selection.

What is a MERV or an ECI value? What is an electrostatic filter or how do I remove odors? What is an air filter’s life cycle cost?

These questions are answered in this section, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. Camfil has become the world’s largest air filter supplier and the most trusted name in filter selection guidance to solve user’s air quality problems.

The section on MERV Ratings explains where the value comes from, how MERV should be used in filter selection and additional considerations that relate to building occupant health and safety. The section on Electrostatic Technology explains filter particle capture mechanisms and the pitfalls that may be experienced is using this type of air filter. Odor Removal Technology informs the reader of the different types of filters available to address odors or gaseous contaminants, items that cannot be addressed by the same filters that remove airborne particulates.

The sections on Energy Cost Index and Life Cycle Cost provide specific guidance related to an air filters components of cost and how we can all participate in a sustainable future through proper filter selection.

Camfil offers more guidance on filter selection and associated air quality safeguarding than any other manufacturer or authority. From hospitals to schools, from types and sizes of mold/viruses/bacteria to wet filters, from schools to cleanrooms, we most likely have published information.

Contact your local Camfil Distributor or Representative for technical support specific to your problem.


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