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Molecular Filtration with Activated Carbon Air Filters: An Effective Solution for Indoor Air Quality from Camfil

Indoor air pollutants are a major concern for indoor air quality and have a negative impact on our health and well-being. Polluted indoor air contains harmful particles such as dust, pollen, smoke,  as well as chemicals. To address this problem, air filters are a common solution used to improve indoor air quality. Activated carbon air […]

Reducing the Spread of Airborne Pathogens and Winter Illnesses with Air Filtration

With COVID restrictions lifted, people are returning to work and school, and spending more time in restaurants and other venues. As people come in closer face-to-face contact in inside environments, they share the same air, increasing the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria.  Adults get two to four colds annually, with people in the […]

​​Interview with Glen Moore, Nuclear Containment Manager at Camfil USA. 

Camfil’s Nuclear Containment Segment Manager, to discuss the company’s cutting-edge solutions for high-risk nuclear facilities Camfil’s Nuclear Containment Segment Manager, Glen Moore, discusses the company’s specialized HEPA filters, containment housings and HEGA carbon adsorbers for use in high-risk nuclear facilities. Camfil’s products meet stringent quality standards and are currently in place at many high-profile facilities […]

Utah’s Recent Air Quality Deemed Among Worst in the Nation Due to Recent Inversions and Weather Patterns

Residents of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah have recently experienced an inversion, which is a meteorological condition where a cap of warm air keeps cold air trapped close to the ground. This is fairly common during Utah winters, but this year, Utah’s air quality during the inversion has been ranked among the worst in […]

Camfil Air Quality Experts Call for Urgent Action on Inadequate Ventilation and Air Filtration in Schools Following Environmental Law Institute Report

​​As air filtration experts at Camfil, we have long recognized the importance of proper ventilation and filtration in improving indoor air quality. This is especially crucial in schools, where millions of students spend a significant amount of their day. Unfortunately, a recent report by the Environmental Law Institute has shed light on the inadequate ventilation […]

Camfil Molecular Filtration Professional Explain Air and Water Filtration with CamPure 8 U.S. Launch

Riverdale, NJ — Molecular, or gaseous, filtration of both air and water is essential for odor and corrosion control across many industries. Following the recent launch of their CamPure 8 media in the United States, Camfil’s molecular filtration team explains how this activated alumina-based media is applied to a variety of contexts.   What is CamPure […]

Smoking Bans vs Air Filtration Systems for Secondhand Smoke Harm Reduction — Which Is More Effective

The dangers associated with secondhand smoke are undeniable; it is estimated that secondhand smoke causes 7,000 deaths from lung cancer every year in the US alone. To reduce these health risks, many states have implemented smoking bans in public places. However, there is an ongoing debate between proponents of smoking bans and those arguing for […]

HEPA Filters Explained — How Do HEPA Filters Work?

HEPA air filters and devices that use them have become a hot commodity since 2020, but HEPA filters have been around since the early 1950s.  HEPA filters are used in a variety of highly sensitive applications, such as preventing airborne contamination in hospitals and healthcare facilities and protecting equipment from particulate matter in cleanroom facilities. […]

Is Air Pollution Worse in the Summer or Winter? Air Quality Experts from Camfil Weigh In

Across the world, more people die from air pollution-related illnesses than in car accidents. During summer and winter months, weather patterns and other factors can cause increases in air pollutant concentration and worsened air quality. In this article, air quality experts from Camfil explain the factors that can lead to poor air quality in the […]

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your HVAC Equipment and Air Filters

Upgrading or changing your HVAC equipment can be a challenging process to navigate. In this article, air filtration experts from Camfil explain the most important factors to consider when changing your building’s HVAC air filters and other HVAC equipment.  Lifetime Cost It’s one of the most obvious factors to consider when upgrading  your HVAC system […]