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Camfil Helps Texas Hospital Reduce Air Filter Energy Use by 60 Percent

Clean Air Solution by Camfil USA. Leader in Air Filters for Commercial and Industrial applications.

By moving to high-efficiency filters, sprawling medical center achieves twin goals of higher air quality and lower costs

For one hospital within the famed Texas Medical Center – the largest life sciences destination in the world – purchasing air filters based on ‘first cost’ was a practice that didn’t quite turn out as expected. Instead of lowering air filtration expenses – no trivial expense considering the hospital’s 13 million square feet of indoor space – the first-cost strategy led to surprisingly high outlays. Not so surprisingly, it also led to the search for a better approach. This the hospital found by working with Camfil, the world’s leading provider of high efficiency clean air solutions.

The problem was that the low-cost filters quickly degraded, requiring increasing amount of energy to maintain the airflow and remove potentially harmful particles from the indoor environme..

Now That It’s Colder, It’s a Great Time to Change the Air Filter in Your Heating System

Now That It’s Colder, It’s a Great Time to Change the Air Filter in Your Heating System

We all want to stay healthy and save some money, and changing the air filter in your home heating system can help you accomplish both, according to Charlie Seyffer, Camfil USA’s manager of marketing and technical material, who answers some frequently asked questions during a Google+ Hangout.about home heating and air conditioning filters
The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, data centers, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Filters in home heating systems were originally used to protect the equipment and help prevent breakdowns during warranty periods, according to Seyffer. He says as time has passed and technology has improved a major benefit to home air filters is improved air quality. “The type of contaminants these filters can capture in the home are typically large. Hair,..