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Air Pollution Levels Peak in the Summer: Air Filtration Experts Explain Why Air Quality Is So Bad During the Summer 

In many locations across the United States and across the world, air quality is at its worst during the summer months. In this article, air pollution experts from global air filtration industry leader Camfil discuss the factors that lead to higher levels of pollution in the summer.  Arid Summer Weather Conditions Increase Particulate Matter A […]

How to Protect Your Lungs During Wildfire Season, According to Camfil Air Quality Experts

2020 and 2021 experienced some of the most severe wildfires in the nation’s history and some experts predict that 2022 may be even worse.  Wildfires are usually at their peak in June through August. This year, the combination of labor shortages and extreme drought conditions in Oregon is likely to produce especially tough conditions (1). […]

Manage COVID-19 and Other Airborne Contaminants with Proper Air Filtration at Gyms and Fitness Centers

Surface cleaning has always been an integral part of sanitation in fitness centers, particularly when it comes to wiping down machines or equipment that people have used. But as these facilities started to open again after pandemic restrictions eased, cleaning the air has become an important part of the hygiene regimen. While surface cleaning remains […]

Older Americans at Risk – Low Levels of Particulate Matter Can Be Deadly

Low Levels of Particulate Matter Can Be Deadly to Older Americans, According to Large 2022 Study by Health Effects Institute Air pollution is one of the leading causes of premature death across the globe, with an estimated seven million premature deaths attributed to indoor and outdoor air pollution by the World Health Organization (WHO).  While […]

Data Center Defense: Reduce Airborne Contaminants to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Cyber-attack prevention is obviously a huge part of maintaining data center security. But online ambushes aren’t the only dangers data center operators must worry about. Physical threats like heat, humidity and airborne contaminants cause hardware to malfunction and lead to costly downtime.  Depending on the size of the enterprise, data centers can be small enough […]

Air Pollution in the United States: What Are the Most Polluted Places in America in 2022? 

Air pollution is a serious public health issue worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that at least seven million premature deaths across the globe can be attributed to air pollution exposure, and 99% of the world’s population lives in an area with more pollution than the WHO suggests is safe for humans to be exposed […]

Case Study: Camfil Air Filters Decrease Labor by 80% and Energy Costs by 34% at Music City Center in Nashville

A new Camfil case study at Music City Center, a well-known event center located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, exemplifies the difference that highly efficient air filtration can make in energy consumption, labor hours, and landfill waste over less effective solutions. Better Air Filtration for Public Buildings  Music City Center is a 2.5 million […]

Camfil is Committed to Air Quality for a Better Future. New Web Resource Now Available. 

Mark Simmons, President and CEO of Camfil explains, “Since more than half a century – sustainability is not just something we do, it is who we are.” Riverdale, NJ, 16th May 2022 – In the past nearly 60 years, the mission has been to deliver solutions for indoor air quality to protect people, processes and […]

Camfil is part of the Healthy Indoors Alliance Initiative

The healthy indoor alliance unites to create healthier and more productive indoor environments Riverdale, May 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Camfil is part of the initiative, Healthy Indoors Alliance to improve the healthfulness, productivity and comfort of the people in commercial, public and residential buildings. The four companies that have teamed up for this are […]

Managing Air Filtration in Commercial Bakeries for Healthier Employees and Safer Food

Production processes in commercial bakeries can generate high volumes of particulate or molecular pollutants, so maintaining air quality is needed to protect food from contamination and minimize health risks for workers. This is best achieved by using appropriate air filtration and ventilation.  When food residue is drawn into air handling units, air filters can become […]