Pharmaseal FFU

Room side testable fan/filter HEPA ceiling module.

  • Innovative internal baffles ensure uniform airflow across the filter face and attenuate sound.
  • Includes a proprietary aerosol injection and distribution system for uniform dispersion across the entire face of the filter to certify filter installation.
  • Room-side maintenance of all working components
  • Total flexibility: As the needs change in a facility, Pharmaseal Fan Filter Units can be exchanged with lay-in lights or blank panels. For facilities with lower classification, upgrades can be obtained by simply adding additional FFUs.
  • When a computer-controlled management system is installed, units or clusters of units can be remote-controlled from the building management system.
  • FFU control and monitoring manage the lowest energy usage.
  • Includes a standard energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) brushless DC external rotor fan motor for control of individual FFUs or as a group.
  • Accepts gel or gasket seal filters that are available in efficiencies from ISO 15 E to ISO 65 E in accordance with the new ISO Standard 29463-1.