GlidePack CamCarb Cylinder Housing

Side-access housing for CamCarb cylindrical adsorbent filters for moderate to high gas/vapor load in make-up, recirculation, and exhaust applications.

  • Houses up to 96 pounds of adsorbent media per each 24″X24″ opening and 2000 CFM of system capacity
  • Weatherproof, 16-gauge aluminized steel with pre-drilled standing flanges to mate to existing housings or directly to HVAC equipment
  • Unique bayonet mounting holding frame to minimize cylinder air bypass
  • Two extruded aluminum filter slide tracks with polypropylene fin seal to ensure leak-free operation
  • 2″ deep track for prefilter or downstream dusting filter
  • Dual-access doors with high-memory neoprene gaskets for airtight seal
  • Excellent noise attenuation when matched with Camfil CamCarb cylinder filters