CamVent HEPA Housing

Compact HEPA filter system for plumbing or atmospheric venting, tank displacement venting, biosafety cabinets or transfer systems to minimize pressure pulses. It is capable of non-intrusive filter scanning through an automated process to protect employees and the environment during filter testing.

  • Replaces much larger containment systems in plumbing vents that formally incorporated traditional methodology.
  • Collects liquid waste from various process points for further treatment in storage tank venting applications. The air displaced when these tanks are filled may be required to have HEPA filtration.
  • May be applied as a transfer system. Transfer systems are used to minimize pressure pulses in rooms that are caused when someone enters a room. Because the rooms are constructed to be very tight, when someone opens a door, unless there is some type of relief, the room could go positive. This condition should be avoided at all costs.
  • The CamVent offers a solution as a transfer system between adjacent spaces. When the door is opened, rather than building up the pressure in the room, the air is transferred to an adjacent space through a HEPA filter.
  • Can be used to enhance bio-safety cabinets.
  • Currently, they use conventional HEPA filters mounted within the cabinet. However, they are difficult to service and impossible to test.
  • May scan filters with the non-intrusive CamControl system. By adding an optional blower pack and the CamControl scanning package, non-intrusive scanning of the HEPA filter is possible for in situ validation.