Slimline DCM Ducted HEPA Filter Module

Lightweight, compact ducted filter module for clean processes or medical suites.

  • HEPA or ULPA level efficiency particulate control. Available efficiencies include 95% or 99.99% when evaluated on particles 0.3 micron and 99.9995% when evaluated on most penetrating particle size (MPPS).
  • A low profile allowing installation in a minimal depth conserving space for manufacturing or other room components. The DCM is constructed of lightweight extruded aluminum profiles and joined at the corners with Camfil’s Klip-Lok mechanism the Slimline can be installed in any standard 1-½” or 2” T-bar grid system. Seismic tabs are included.
  • A 41-mm filter pack, completely encapsulated in a polyurethane sealant. The sealant is chemically stable to ensure minimal out-gassing and maintains excellent mechanical properties ensuring high-purity air for the most demanding environments over the life of the filter.
  • A media configuration that is optimized through Controlled Media Spacing (CMS) resulting in a lower pressure drop than other media pleating techniques.
  • Hot melt media separators promote uniform airflow while eliminating media to media contact and fiber break-off associated with other media pleating techniques.
  • On all models, an integrated diffusion disc promotes uniform airflow over the entire filter. On models with adjustable diffusion discs, the disc allows filter-to-filter air balancing.
  • Either a 10” or 12” collar connection. The collar includes an integral continuous raised ridge to assist in securing flexible ducting.
  • An integral white epoxy powder-coated steel grille with 62% open area to promote proper airflow and protect the filter element.