​​Interview with Glen Moore, Nuclear Containment Manager at Camfil USA. 

Camfil’s Nuclear Containment Segment Manager, to discuss the company’s cutting-edge solutions for high-risk nuclear facilities

Camfil’s Nuclear Containment Segment Manager, Glen Moore, discusses the company’s specialized HEPA filters, containment housings and HEGA carbon adsorbers for use in high-risk nuclear facilities. Camfil’s products meet stringent quality standards and are currently in place at many high-profile facilities worldwide. 

In the world of air filtration, Camfil is a leading company that has been providing technologically advanced solutions since the early 1960s. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to meeting the demanding needs of high-tech industries, it is no surprise that Camfil has continued to thrive and innovate over the years.

Camfil’s Nuclear Containment Segment Manager, Glenn Moore, recently sat down with Mark Davidson to discuss the company’s offerings for nuclear facilities. As Moore explains in YouTube video, Camfil provides HEPA filters that are qualified and meet ASME AG-1 Section FC. These specialized filters are designed, engineered, and manufactured to be suitable for use in high-risk nuclear facilities and are tested at 100% and 120% of their rated airflow. In addition, the HEPA filters meet the UL-586 standard, which ensures that they will not support a flame.

Moore also discusses Camfil’s CamContain series containment filter housings, which comply with AG-1, Section HA. These housings can be customized to meet specific seismic requirements and leak rate specifications for each customer. Camfil also offers pre-filters that are compliant with AG-1, including MERV 8 (Section FJ) and MERV 11, 13, and 15 (Section FB).

Another key product offered by Camfil for nuclear facilities is the high-efficiency gas adsorber (HEGA) filter, also known as a carbon adsorber. These filters are designed to adsorb potentially life-threatening contaminants in the air stream and are used in containment filtration systems.

Overall, Camfil’s expertise in air filtration and its commitment to meeting the demanding requirements of high-tech industries make it a leading choice for nuclear facilities and other critical applications. With two factories that meet ASME NQA-1, the quality assurance requirements for nuclear facility applications, Camfil is well-positioned to continue providing cutting-edge solutions to customers around the world.

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