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Air Pollution & Elevated Risk of Stroke: Size of Ambient Particulate Matter Tied to Stroke Deaths in 2022 Study

Exposure to particulate matter in the air has long been connected to a wide range of poor health outcomes. A new study published in Neurology has revealed a link between short-term and long-term exposure to particulate matter and stroke mortality. Furthermore, the study has demonstrated the increased dangers associated with smaller-sized particles.  Particulate Matter Size […]

Research Finds Increased Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease Linked to Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5)

It is widely known that exposure to air pollution is linked to a wide array of health issues, and is most frequently associated with lung and heart issues. However, the damage that air pollution may  cause extends far beyond the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  A longitudinal study published in 2022 has found a link between […]

Air Quality Life Index Finds That Air Pollution Cuts Global Lifespan By 2 Years in 2022

Air pollution is scientifically correlated to a range of health conditions, and causal links between air pollution exposure and deadly diseases including stroke, chronic kidney disease, heart disease, lung diseases, and other conditions. Overall, the impact of air pollution on our health results in reduced life expectancy.  In this article, air quality experts from global […]

Growing Body of Research Reveals Link Between Commercial AC Filters and Employee Brain Function

While there is plenty of research out there pinning the dangers of workplace air quality on things like printer ink, furniture off-gassing, and air fresheners, there is one source of indoor air pollution that has not been so thoroughly investigated: our breath, our body temperature, and a little thing called CO2.   While the data is […]

The Obvious and Hidden Benefits of Air Conditioning 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 88% of American households reported some form of air conditioning with 66% of those households having central AC. In the nation’s geographical areas where summer temperatures and humidity are higher, the number is closer to 95%.  However, according to the IEA, (International Energy Agency) only 8% of the […]

EPA Releases 2021 Annual Air Report: What It Revealed About Pollution Levels and Air Quality

Each year since the implementation of the Clean Air Act in 1970, the EPA releases its Annual Air Report, highlighting the nation’s progress in the mission of reducing levels of hazardous pollutants in the air.  In this article, air quality experts from global air filtration industry leader Camfil explain the findings of the EPA’s Annual […]

PM Checklist for HVAC System – Should You Extend the Time Between PM Service Calls?

Base PM schedule on equipment needs, not air filter changes. Ask drivers how often they should change the oil in their cars and you’ll likely hear an answer that’s been repeated for generations: ‘three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.’ The performance of older automobile engines and the low quality of motor oil […]

Interpreting Air Cleaner Performance Data by ASHRAE

Air purifiers have become permanent fixtures in homes, offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities and even industrial environments. As we enter the final stages of the pandemic; masks, lockdowns and crowd limitations are becoming less common, but the air purifier will likely remain.   Demand for a product drives the supply chain to deliver. This demand / […]

How to Prepare for Flu Season with Air Filters in 2022

With the weather beginning to cool down in many parts of the United States, influenza and other respiratory infections will soon begin to circulate. In some places, including Texas, Delaware, Georgia, and New Mexico, rates of flu infection are already beginning to climb. In this article, air quality experts from Camfil explain how air filters […]

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Areas Affected by Wildfires

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Areas Affected by Wildfires Wildfires are usually at their peak July through October. This year is no exception. More than 5.7 million acres of woodland have already burned according to the National Centers for Environmental Information[1] (NCEI)’s Interagency Fire Center – the third most in recorded history. Summer […]