Camfil USA Commercial & Industrial Air Filters Leader Launches Online Catalog Website

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The Camfil Group is a world leader in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions.

New Jersey — U.S. – According to recent research, the market for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is expected to exceed $7 billion by 2024. This, industry experts say, is attributable to a broader interest in attaining better indoor air quality for entities like commercial and industrial buildings. New standards and building code regulations are also leading many companies on a search for next-generation air filters that improve indoor air quality cost effectively. Leading clean air solutions provider, Camfil, has devised a plan to help building managers, developers, and owners who need assistance in selecting the right air filters for improving air filtration in their buildings. The company has launched a newly designed online catalog website equipped with cutting edge technical tools and additional resources for choosing the best air filters for their needs.

Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Air Filter

In choosing the right air filters for hospitals, educational institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and other facilities, there are three key considerations property overseers should take into consideration. These include:

  • Are the air filters energy efficient? – Energy efficient air filters are designed to maintain peak efficiency for longer time frames than those more traditionally designed, requiring the use of less energy and air filter change outs less frequently. Will the air filters improve indoor air quality? – One of the most critical needs for entities like hospitals and industrial buildings when it comes to air filter selection is an option that ensures that air pollutants are not being excessively introduced into the indoor environment. It is important that chosen air filters work to maintain the quality of an HVAC system rather than work against it.
  • What are the cost savings for making a switch? – Cost savings can be realized in a number of ways with the right air filter selection. These include a reduction on energy costs and the costs associated with less frequent change outs, replacement, and disposal.

Use Use Camfil Quick Cost Calculator and learn more about

How Much Can You Save in Filters, Labor, and Waste With the Right Air Filter?

With the use of energy efficient air filters like those provided by Camfil, costs savings of up to 70 percent for waste disposal, 50 percent for labor and installation, and 20 percent for HVAC energy costs can be achieved. In one case study on a large computer manufacturer that made the switch to Camfil’s 30/30® Panel Filters, the company was able to save more than $30,000 annually as well as reduce labor costs.

Cutting Edge Support for Air Filter Selection

Because there are multiple factors that go into choosing the best air filtration products for one’s needs, having effective supporting tools is critical. With the new website redesign, Camfil puts a wealth of information at the disposal of users, providing access to tools that enable them to browse the company’s selection of air filters, find a distributor, and learn about important factors like air filter life cycle costs. Prospective customers can even run an online quick cost comparison to get an assessment of the potential costs savings of switching to Camfil air filters. Information about available tools, air filter sustainability, Camfil news and developments, and more are conveniently structured throughout the website for easy navigation. To experience the benefits first hand, companies can visit

About Camfil

Camfil is a world leader in air filtration systems, and provides clean air solutions for commercial and industrial buildings in a range of industries. The company’s products and services focus on four key industry segments: comfort air, safety protection, clean air processes, and power systems. For more information about Camfil or how to achieve better HVAC system sustainability, improve air quality, reduce airborne infections, or go green without sacrificing performance, visit today.

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