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What N95 Respiratory Masks Can Teach Us About Air Filters – Camfil Reports

If you were not familiar with the N95 respiratory mask before the COVID-19 pandemic, you certainly are now. The fabrics used to make the N95 mask are easy to breathe through and able to filter dangerous airborne pathogens too small for our eyes to see.  While the N95 is widely known, the meaning behind the […]

Do “DIY Air Purifiers” Work Against COVID-19 in Schools? Not Exactly, According to Air Filtration Experts

Parents and teachers across the country are concerned about COVID-19 in the classroom. Vaccinations for children under twelve are still under trial and are several months away from receiving Emergency Use Approval from the FDA (1). In California, an unvaccinated elementary school teacher made the news by infecting half of their students and a total […]

How Ventilation Affects Air Quality At Food Processing Plants

New Video Update During Covid-19 Pandemic at Meat Plants Learn about air handling at food processing plants Studies have found that even the most efficient air-conditioning system can spew out high amounts of bacteria into an indoor facility, and when that facility is responsible for the manufacturing and packaging of food, that pollutant can create […]

Mayors From Around the World Talk About Air Filters and Clean Air Solutions

In towns and cities around the world, air pollution from car exhaust, coal-burning stoves, power generation facilities, factories, and farms, continues to affect the quality of life for people living and working in or around these areas, forcing them to use air filters for protection.  Study after study proves that air pollution poses a real […]

How Home Air Filters May Decrease the Risk of Autism

New Study on The Link Between Air Pollution and Autism A recent study suggests that improving indoor air quality may decrease the risk of developing autism disorder. Learn how home air filters can help. According to a recent study of children in the Chinese city of Shanghai, exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5), which refers […]

Air Filtration in Museums – Preserving the Past

Cold weather and winter holidays make the warm, entertaining (and educational) confines of a museum an attractive prospect. To keep the contents of these artifact filled buildings in good condition, preserving often decades of history, one of the most important factors is air quality.  Critical parameters for air quality in museums include temperature, relative humidity, […]