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Why Those Near the Mediterranean Need High Efficiency Air Filters

Clean Air Solutions – With the Mediterranean Sea being one of the busiest waterways in the world, it should come as no surprise that all of this traffic has contributed to a serious air pollution problem in the region, forcing coastal towns to install air filters. And to add to the list of reasons to […]

Macedonia’s Air Pollution Woes Demonstrate the Importance of Air Filters

When it comes to ambient air quality, the ancient country of Macedonia is not exactly in a good place. It’s estimated that more than 2,000 premature deaths—most of them concentrated in the capital city of Skopje—are caused directly by constant exposure to a noxious mix of air pollution generated by mobile and stationary sources. These […]

Banksy Mural Draws Attention to Air Pollution and Need for Air Filtration

Banksy’s latest mural brings attention to an outdoor and indoor air quality crisis in a Welsh Town, where residents and businesses are protecting themselves with air filters. Renegade street artist Banksy is back in the spotlight, popping up in Wales with a new mural in Port Talbot that appears to be a commentary on the […]

Can Air Filters Help Prevent Depression Caused by Pollution?

The findings of a recent study suggest that exposure to poor outdoor and indoor air quality makes people unhappy. Learn how air filters can help. Mental Health News – Traditionally, a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been the measure of a nation’s well-being and progress. It’s the key performance indicator when assessing the financial […]

Can Home Air Filters Prevent Glaucoma?

Learn how and why home air filters may hold the key to reducing the risk of glaucoma, which a recent study ties to poor outdoor and indoor air quality. According to a recent study, people who have a genetic history of glaucoma face a greater risk of developing vision loss after exposure to small-particle air […]

Why Loosened Power Plant Emissions Standards Could Drive Demand for Air Filters

The EPA is reconsidering a rule against toxic emissions from power plants. Learn how this could impact indoor air quality and drive demand for residential, commercial and industrial air filters. Environmental Policy News – In August this past year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would be revisiting a rule designed to control […]

Solving Pollution-Related Deaths with Higher Air Filter Efficiency

Air pollution that affects outdoor & indoor air quality is estimated to shave 1.8 years off the average person’s lifespan. Learn how high efficiency air filters can help. According to a team of researchers, air pollution generated by the rampant burning of fossil fuels is literally shortening the average lifespan of people, taking away 1.8 […]

What Can an Ancient City Teach Us About Home Air Filters?

Learn why Macedonia is struggling with an outdoor/indoor air quality crisis and why home air filters are needed in cities struggling with air pollution. With a history dating back to 4,000 B.C., Skopje is one of the oldest cities in the world. Today, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia lives on, but it now […]

How Home Air Filters May Decrease the Risk of Autism

New Study on The Link Between Air Pollution and Autism A recent study suggests that improving indoor air quality may decrease the risk of developing autism disorder. Learn how home air filters can help. According to a recent study of children in the Chinese city of Shanghai, exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5), which refers […]

WHO Conference Sets Ambitious Air Pollution Reduction Goals for 2030

Learn about the first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health and its effect on indoor air quality, home air filters, and the fight against pollution. As the problem of air pollution continues to raise concerns about its effect on public health, driving demand for home air filters and other air pollution solutions, the […]