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How Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers are Re-Thinking the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

While it might be a long time before we have a full understanding of how exactly the virus  SARS-CoV-2 spread COVID-19  through cities and communities, what we do know is sufficient for commercial, industrial, and retail operators to begin work on their post-COVID playbooks. In order to defend against both current and future viral outbreaks, […]

What N95 Respiratory Masks Can Teach Us About Air Filters

[Educational] – ]If you were not familiar with the N95 respiratory mask before the COVID-19 pandemic, you almost certainly are now. The fabrics that make up the N95 mask are easy to breathe through and able to filter out dangerous airborne pathogens too small for our eyes to see. In times like these, N95 masks […]

Mayors From Around the World Talk About Air Filters and Clean Air Solutions

In towns and cities around the world, air pollution from car exhaust, coal-burning stoves, power generation facilities, factories, and farms, continues to affect the quality of life for people living and working in or around these areas, forcing them to use air filters for protection.  Study after study proves that air pollution poses a real […]

Why Poor Communities Need Industrial and Commercial Air Filters the Most

According to a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), regions in Europe with the poorest, least educated, and most unemployed communities were the hardest hit by air pollution. Worse, families in these areas can barely make ends meet just to pay for basic necessities, let alone buy air filters. Why Poorest Regions Are […]

Why Those Near the Mediterranean Need High Efficiency Air Filters

Clean Air Solutions – With the Mediterranean Sea being one of the busiest waterways in the world, it should come as no surprise that all of this traffic has contributed to a serious air pollution problem in the region, forcing coastal towns to install air filters. And to add to the list of reasons to […]

Macedonia’s Air Pollution Woes Demonstrate the Importance of Air Filters

When it comes to ambient air quality, the ancient country of Macedonia is not exactly in a good place. It’s estimated that more than 2,000 premature deaths—most of them concentrated in the capital city of Skopje—are caused directly by constant exposure to a noxious mix of air pollution generated by mobile and stationary sources. These […]

How the Bay Area Is Fighting Air Pollution with Air Filters and Stricter Rules

Toxic Air Regulation News – In November 2017, regulators in the San Francisco Bay Area approved a pioneering rule designed to reduce the risk of cancer from exposure to airborne pollutants produced by oil refineries, power plants and sewage processing facilities among others in the region. The rule is one of the most sweeping toxic […]

Are Air Filters the Solution to Urban Air Pollution?

In October 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) held its first global conference to discuss the links between air pollution and public health. The meeting of government officials, policymakers, and representatives from the healthcare and environmental sectors around the world sought to find a solution to prevent the estimated seven million deaths that occur each […]

Reducing the Risk of Oral Cancer with Air Filters

Learn how one study found that poor outdoor and indoor air quality can increase the risk of oral cancer, and how replacing your air filters can help. Cancer Awareness –New research from Taiwan suggests that high levels of air pollution are linked to a higher risk of developing oral cancer, showing that air filters may […]

Can Air Filters Help Prevent Depression Caused by Pollution?

The findings of a recent study suggest that exposure to poor outdoor and indoor air quality makes people unhappy. Learn how air filters can help. Mental Health News – Traditionally, a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been the measure of a nation’s well-being and progress. It’s the key performance indicator when assessing the financial […]