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Managing Air Filtration in Commercial Bakeries for Healthier Employees and Safer Food

Production processes in commercial bakeries can generate high volumes of particulate or molecular pollutants, so maintaining air quality is needed to protect food from contamination and minimize health risks for workers. This is best achieved by using appropriate air filtration and ventilation.  When food residue is drawn into air handling units, air filters can become […]

What N95 Respiratory Masks Can Teach Us About Air Filters

[Educational] – ]If you were not familiar with the N95 respiratory mask before the COVID-19 pandemic, you almost certainly are now. The fabrics that make up the N95 mask are easy to breathe through and able to filter out dangerous airborne pathogens too small for our eyes to see. In times like these, N95 masks […]

Why People with Certain Blood Types May Benefit More from Air Filters

Learn why blood type may be a risk factor for heart attack after exposure to low indoor air quality, and why certain people may need air filters more. Although much of what we know about the dangers of air pollution focuses on exposure to specific airborne pollutants and how to mitigate these risks with air […]

How Air Filters Protect the Brain from Air Pollution

Learn how air filters and their ability to preserve indoor quality may hold the key to protecting the brain from the detrimental effects of air pollution. Air pollution isn’t just “dirty” air. It’s a complex mix of gases, particles, and liquid droplets in the atmosphere generated by natural causes like wildfires and human activity such […]

Protecting Children from Poor Air Quality in Schools

By now it’s a known fact that air pollution can cause a plethora of health problems, especially for at-risk segments of the population such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children. In turn, this has driven the demand for commercial air filtration systems, which can now be found in schools, healthcare facilities, retail stores, manufacturing […]

Is Commercial Air Filtration a Viable Way to Fight Air Pollution?

The growing demand for high efficiency air filtration systems comes alongside an increased focus on the health dangers of air pollution. Organizations such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have repeatedly warned the public against the hazards of air pollution and its effects on the young, the elderly, and those […]

How Chemists Can Help Commercial Air Filter Manufacturers Fight Pollution

Learn how the expertise of chemists could be the key to helping air filter manufacturers fix the problem of air pollution with effective high efficiency air filters. By now, it’s no secret that poor air quality caused by air pollution affects the quality of life and lifespan of human beings. It’s a problem recognized by […]

How Camfil Air Filters Help Make Air Travel a Healthier Experience

Jet fumes, crowds of people in confined spaces, constant cleaning activities, toilet usage, and even construction—these are just a few things that are affecting the air quality inside airports and airplanes every day. These factors are also the reason why Camfil air filters are hugely beneficial to air travelers and aviation industry workers.  Fortunately, most […]

Why Car Drivers, Not Cyclists, Need High Efficiency Air Filters

Learn why a recent study shows that car drivers are exposed to poorer outdoor and indoor air quality than cyclists, and how high efficiency air filters can help protect them. It has always been thought that one of the downsides of riding a bike in a major city was having to breathe in dirty and […]

Can Air Filters Help Prevent Depression Caused by Pollution?

The findings of a recent study suggest that exposure to poor outdoor and indoor air quality makes people unhappy. Learn how air filters can help. Mental Health News – Traditionally, a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been the measure of a nation’s well-being and progress. It’s the key performance indicator when assessing the financial […]