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Protecting Children from Poor Air Quality in Schools

By now it’s a known fact that air pollution can cause a plethora of health problems, especially for at-risk segments of the population such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children. In turn, this has driven the demand for commercial air filtration systems, which can now be found in schools, healthcare facilities, retail stores, manufacturing […]

Is Commercial Air Filtration a Viable Way to Fight Air Pollution?

The growing demand for high efficiency air filtration systems comes alongside an increased focus on the health dangers of air pollution. Organizations such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have repeatedly warned the public against the hazards of air pollution and its effects on the young, the elderly, and those […]

Why Hospitals Face an Urgent Need for Commercial Air Filtration

Learn about the critical role played by commercial air filtration systems in safeguarding indoor air quality in hospitals around the world. Hospitals tend to be hotbeds for air pollution due to having several sources of biological contaminants. It’s why these and other healthcare facilities require commercial air filtration systems, which play a vital role in […]

What Recess Guidelines Mean for Commercial Air Filtration Systems

How Utah’s Recess Guidelines Are Tied to Air Quality Learn why Utah schools follow recess guidelines during inversions, and how commercial air filtration systems protect indoor air quality during this time. With winter here, residents in Utah are once again advised to brace themselves for higher air pollution levels brought about by temperature inversions. For […]

Why Buildings and Offices Need High Efficiency Air Filters

Learn about the importance of high efficiency air filters in buildings and offices and how air purification systems protect indoor air quality. Camfil Commercial Air Filters News – With the increased awareness about the dangers of outdoor and indoor air pollution, many businesses, building managers, and tenants are turning to high efficiency air filters to […]

Your Children Are Vulnerable to Air Pollution!

Over the past 30 years, state and federal initiatives designed to improve air quality have made great strides towards reducing air pollution levels. While things have indeed improved and the days of smog-covered cities that defined life in the 50s are long behind us, it’s hard to deny that commercial air filtration is still necessary […]