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Why Climate Change Makes Commercial Air Filtration More Important

A group of doctors has warned that poor indoor air quality is linked to climate change. Learn how high-efficiency air filters can help. In August last year, a group of doctors endorsed an article for The Conversation, warning against the dangers of climate change on public health and safety. The article theorizes that as  climate […]

What Are Atmospheric Brown Clouds and Are They Dangerous?

Learn about atmospheric brown clouds, the dangers they pose on indoor air quality, and why they highlight the need for commercial air filtration. Much has been said about the severe seasonal bouts of air pollution in the Indian capital city of New Delhi, which is also the primary reason the Delhi government is pushing for the […]

Why Has China Cut Production of 500 Car Models?

What China’s Ban of 500 Car Models Means for Commercial Air Filtration Systems Camfil Commercial Air Filter News – In an effort to ease the burden on the country’s commercial air filtration systems, the Chinese government has suspended production of more than 500 car models and model versions that fail to meet the country’s fuel […]

How to Defend Against Cancer-Causing Gas Found Under Your Home

Growing awareness of the health dangers of radon is one of the many factors driving demand for high-quality, high efficiency air filters. Although we’ve known for years that the air in our homes, offices, commercial spaces, and other high efficiency sites may contain allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores, chemical fumes, and off-gassing […]

Your Children Are Vulnerable to Air Pollution!

Over the past 30 years, state and federal initiatives designed to improve air quality have made great strides towards reducing air pollution levels. While things have indeed improved and the days of smog-covered cities that defined life in the 50s are long behind us, it’s hard to deny that commercial air filtration is still necessary […]

Are Commercial Air Filtration Systems Effective at Capturing Vehicle Exhaust?

Camfil Commercial Air Filtration News -In enclosed spaces like underground parking lots and vehicle garages, vehicle exhaust fumes pose a real health and safety risk, hence the need for an efficient commercial air filtration system. These ventilation solutions remove exhaust gases from an enclosed area and bring in fresh air from the outside, ensuring that […]