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Why Climate Change Makes Commercial Air Filtration More Important

A group of doctors has warned that poor indoor air quality is linked to climate change. Learn how high-efficiency air filters can help. In August last year, a group of doctors endorsed an article for The Conversation, warning against the dangers of climate change on public health and safety. The article theorizes that as  climate […]

What Is Smog and What Can Commercial Air Filtration Systems Do Against It?

Learn about the differences between fog and smog, and what commercial air filtration systems can do to keep the latter out of indoor spaces. Cities like Los Angeles, Beijing, and Delhi all share one thing in common: smog. On really bad days, the ambient air quality is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, which […]

Why Hospitals Face an Urgent Need for Commercial Air Filtration

Learn about the critical role played by commercial air filtration systems in safeguarding indoor air quality in hospitals around the world. Hospitals tend to be hotbeds for air pollution due to having several sources of biological contaminants. It’s why these and other healthcare facilities require commercial air filtration systems, which play a vital role in […]