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Why Climate Change Makes Commercial Air Filtration More Important

A group of doctors has warned that poor indoor air quality is linked to climate change. Learn how high-efficiency air filters can help. In August last year, a group of doctors endorsed an article for The Conversation, warning against the dangers of climate change on public health and safety. The article theorizes that as  climate […]

How Understanding the Sources of Poor Indoor Air Quality at a Hospital Leads to Better Care and Cost Reductions

As studies show the importance of indoor air quality in healthcare facilities, learn what hospitals and clinics need from quality air filter manufacturers.  Indoor air pollution is recognized as a serious health risk, but perhaps nowhere more important than in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, nursing homes, and dental clinics. In recent […]

Why Poor Communities Need Industrial and Commercial Air Filters the Most

According to a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), regions in Europe with the poorest, least educated, and most unemployed communities were the hardest hit by air pollution. Worse, families in these areas can barely make ends meet just to pay for basic necessities, let alone buy air filters. Why Poorest Regions Are […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Commercial Air Filters and the Clean Power Plan

A repeal of the Clean Power Plan, led by no less than the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) itself, could very well drive a spike in demand for commercial air filters. In October 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for the Clean Power Plan, a centerpiece of former President Obama’s […]

Report Highlights the Need for High Efficiency Air Filters in Texas

A recent report found that nearly 300 companies in Texas were producing air pollution emissions. Learn how high efficiency air filters can protect residents in the state. Industrial Air Filtration News – According to a recent report by the research arm of Environment Texas, industrial facilities in Texas were responsible for spewing out tens of […]

Why Are Commercial Air Filtration Systems Needed in Cruise Ships?

Learn why the indoor air quality in cruise ships is dangerous to human health, and find out how commercial air filtration systems could fix the issue. Maritime Industry News – According to an undercover report released on January 24, 2019, cruise ships produce significant amounts of air pollution, so much so that they could endanger […]

How High Efficiency Air Filters Can Lower Your Expenses

According to Value Penguin, the average American household spends more than $7,000 on utilities and other household operational costs each year, representing roughly 11% of total household budget. When you run a business, operational costs can run significantly higher. A high efficiency air filter can lower your expenses by improving air-flow and reducing utility bills. (1) “Your […]