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Report Highlights the Need for High Efficiency Air Filters in Texas

A recent report found that nearly 300 companies in Texas were producing air pollution emissions. Learn how high efficiency air filters can protect residents in the state. Industrial Air Filtration News – According to a recent report by the research arm of Environment Texas, industrial facilities in Texas were responsible for spewing out tens of […]

Why Buses Are Being Equipped with Commercial Air Filtration Systems

Learn why eco-friendly buses equipped with commercial air filtration systems are being used as solutions to maintain good indoor air quality. Bus Filtration News – As countries around the world continue to grapple with the problem of air pollution, which the World Health Organization (WHO) claims is responsible for 4.2 million premature deaths around the […]

Solving Pollution-Related Deaths with Higher Air Filter Efficiency

Air pollution that affects outdoor & indoor air quality is estimated to shave 1.8 years off the average person’s lifespan. Learn how high efficiency air filters can help. According to a team of researchers, air pollution generated by the rampant burning of fossil fuels is literally shortening the average lifespan of people, taking away 1.8 […]

How Did Air Pollution Become A Public Health Crisis?

Learn why air pollution has grown to become a huge public health crisis and how clean indoor air quality courtesy of home air filters can mitigate the problem. If you thought we had already solved the problem of air pollution with the passing of the Clean Air Act, think again. Air pollution seems to be […]

WHO Conference Sets Ambitious Air Pollution Reduction Goals for 2030

Learn about the first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health and its effect on indoor air quality, home air filters, and the fight against pollution. As the problem of air pollution continues to raise concerns about its effect on public health, driving demand for home air filters and other air pollution solutions, the […]

How Home Air Filters Could Help You Live Longer

A recent study suggests that poor outdoor and indoor air quality can shave off as many as 1.8 years from the average lifespan. Learn how home air filters help. In recent years, environmental pollution has emerged as a leading cause of premature death, responsible for nearly one in six fatalities, or an estimated 9 million […]