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Why Air Filters Are Still Needed After Historic CO2 Agreement

In December of last year, negotiators from the European Parliament and Council finally agreed on a historic policy that would implement new standards for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, ensuring that new cars and vans produce 15 percent less CO2 by 2025, and 37.5 percent for new cars by 2030. It’s one of the most significant […]

Solving Pollution-Related Deaths with Higher Air Filter Efficiency

Air pollution that affects outdoor & indoor air quality is estimated to shave 1.8 years off the average person’s lifespan. Learn how high efficiency air filters can help. According to a team of researchers, air pollution generated by the rampant burning of fossil fuels is literally shortening the average lifespan of people, taking away 1.8 […]

Air Pollution’s Toxic Relationship with Climate Change

It’s no secret that air pollution particles generated by cars, diesel trucks, factories, cooking stoves, coal-fired power plants, and forest fires are all major contributors to the dirty and unhealthy layer of smog that blankets several cities and regions around the world. It’s also one of the many factors driving demand for commercial high efficiency […]