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How Home Air Filters Could Help You Live Longer

A recent study suggests that poor outdoor and indoor air quality can shave off as many as 1.8 years from the average lifespan. Learn how home air filters help. In recent years, environmental pollution has emerged as a leading cause of premature death, responsible for nearly one in six fatalities, or an estimated 9 million […]

What Policies Can Governments Implement to Lower Pollution Levels?

Despite the tremendous efforts to make the air cleaner and safer to breathe since the 1970s, air pollution continues to be a major problem in the United States, impacting both the environment and public health. The latter is also the reason why high efficiency air filters are a much-needed addition in many homes and buildings. […]

Your Children Are Vulnerable to Air Pollution!

Over the past 30 years, state and federal initiatives designed to improve air quality have made great strides towards reducing air pollution levels. While things have indeed improved and the days of smog-covered cities that defined life in the 50s are long behind us, it’s hard to deny that commercial air filtration is still necessary […]