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Do “DIY Air Purifiers” Work Against COVID-19 in Schools? Not Exactly, According to Air Filtration Experts

Parents and teachers across the country are concerned about COVID-19 in the classroom. Vaccinations for children under twelve are still under trial and are several months away from receiving Emergency Use Approval from the FDA (1). In California, an unvaccinated elementary school teacher made the news by infecting half of their students and a total […]

Protected: Experts Share Their Take on Technologies that DO and DO NOT Kill COVID-19

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How Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers are Re-Thinking the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

While it might be a long time before we have a full understanding of how exactly the virus  SARS-CoV-2 spread COVID-19  through cities and communities, what we do know is sufficient for commercial, industrial, and retail operators to begin work on their post-COVID playbooks. In order to defend against both current and future viral outbreaks, […]

What N95 Respiratory Masks Can Teach Us About Air Filters

[Educational] – ]If you were not familiar with the N95 respiratory mask before the COVID-19 pandemic, you almost certainly are now. The fabrics that make up the N95 mask are easy to breathe through and able to filter out dangerous airborne pathogens too small for our eyes to see. In times like these, N95 masks […]

Camfil New Jersey Air Filtration Manufacturing Plant Featured on NBC Lester Holt News

Vicky Nguyen from NBC News Interviewed Steve Devine V. P. Research and Development. Watch the Video to learn more. New Jersey, Can air filtration systems make a difference in slowing the spread of COVID-19? Vicky Nguyen of NBC News visited a Camfil New Jersey factory on July 2nd, 2020.  See her Facebook update here.  New York, NY […]

Macedonia’s Air Pollution Woes Demonstrate the Importance of Air Filters

When it comes to ambient air quality, the ancient country of Macedonia is not exactly in a good place. It’s estimated that more than 2,000 premature deaths—most of them concentrated in the capital city of Skopje—are caused directly by constant exposure to a noxious mix of air pollution generated by mobile and stationary sources. These […]

Report Highlights the Need for High Efficiency Air Filters in Texas

A recent report found that nearly 300 companies in Texas were producing air pollution emissions. Learn how high efficiency air filters can protect residents in the state. Industrial Air Filtration News – According to a recent report by the research arm of Environment Texas, industrial facilities in Texas were responsible for spewing out tens of […]

Industrial Air Filtration Safety Alert for Facility Managers!

Industrial Facility Manager Air Filtration News — Working in an industrial environment can be a challenging occupation. The machines used in today’s manufacturing facilities can cause serious injury if proper precautions are not taken. While all workers need to be properly trained on how to avoid accidents, one group of workers particularly at risk of […]

Why Are High Efficiency Furnace Filters Important in Your Home?

Learn about the importance of furnace filters in heated homes, and how they play a vital role in maintaining clean and safe indoor air quality. Furnace filters ensure that people inside their homes breathe safe and clean air after it has been heated or air-conditioned by the furnace and released from a vent. While furnace […]