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Can Home Air Filters Prevent Glaucoma?

Learn how and why home air filters may hold the key to reducing the risk of glaucoma, which a recent study ties to poor outdoor and indoor air quality. According to a recent study, people who have a genetic history of glaucoma face a greater risk of developing vision loss after exposure to small-particle air […]

What Is Smog and What Can Commercial Air Filtration Systems Do Against It?

Learn about the differences between fog and smog, and what commercial air filtration systems can do to keep the latter out of indoor spaces. Cities like Los Angeles, Beijing, and Delhi all share one thing in common: smog. On really bad days, the ambient air quality is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, which […]

Do America’s Cleanest Cities Still Need High Efficiency Air Filters?

Learn why homes and buildings in America’s best cities in terms of both outdoor and indoor air quality still need high efficiency air filters. According to the American Lung Association’s ‘State of the Air’ report for 2018, air quality across much of the United States has been on a positive upward trend thanks in large […]

Why Loosened Power Plant Emissions Standards Could Drive Demand for Air Filters

The EPA is reconsidering a rule against toxic emissions from power plants. Learn how this could impact indoor air quality and drive demand for residential, commercial and industrial air filters. Environmental Policy News – In August this past year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would be revisiting a rule designed to control […]

Industrial Air Filtration Safety Alert for Facility Managers!

Industrial Facility Manager Air Filtration News — Working in an industrial environment can be a challenging occupation. The machines used in today’s manufacturing facilities can cause serious injury if proper precautions are not taken. While all workers need to be properly trained on how to avoid accidents, one group of workers particularly at risk of […]

Why Has China Cut Production of 500 Car Models?

What China’s Ban of 500 Car Models Means for Commercial Air Filtration Systems Camfil Commercial Air Filter News – In an effort to ease the burden on the country’s commercial air filtration systems, the Chinese government has suspended production of more than 500 car models and model versions that fail to meet the country’s fuel […]

How to Defend Against Cancer-Causing Gas Found Under Your Home

Growing awareness of the health dangers of radon is one of the many factors driving demand for high-quality, high efficiency air filters. Although we’ve known for years that the air in our homes, offices, commercial spaces, and other high efficiency sites may contain allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores, chemical fumes, and off-gassing […]

How High Efficiency Air Filters Can Lower Your Expenses

According to Value Penguin, the average American household spends more than $7,000 on utilities and other household operational costs each year, representing roughly 11% of total household budget. When you run a business, operational costs can run significantly higher. A high efficiency air filter can lower your expenses by improving air-flow and reducing utility bills. (1) “Your […]

Lower Carbon Footprint

Can a company achieve a lower carbon footprint without high capital costs, or sacrificing workplace comfort? Camfil has shown the answer is “yes.” Companies can achieve a dramatically lower carbon footprint by taking simple steps that not only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels, but produce significant savings of natural resources, […]

Longer Filter Life Helps Reduce Filter Waste

According to EPA, Americans generate more than 251 million tons of municipal solid waste annually – the equivalent of  4.6 pounds of waste per person, per day based on 2006 population estimates.  Of the various MSW strategies available, source reduction clearly has the greatest long-term potential for lowering America’s waste burden. Source reduction involves altering […]